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We know that financial management and budgets are a big part of wedding planning. We offer flexible service packages designed to meet your needs. It’s true, we are not the cheapest or lowest cost option. We offer premium service at fee’s that reflect the care and the time we invest in creating and managing your wedding ceremony, and are competitive with other Celebrants in the area. No matter what service we provide, we always bring dedication, professionalism and we put our heart into every ceremony.

Custom Wedding Package-

Our full service, amazing and inspiring personalized ceremony experience- a uniquely crafted ceremony created just for you.  Your provide the background and we get to work writing and crafting a unique ceremony-start to finish.  You have unlimited access to me through the entire process. With a background in ceremony, creative writing and ritual help create a warm and amazing ceremony, created to fit within the standard 30 minutes most venues allot for your wedding, there are also details that must be attended to. As your ceremony specialist, we are prepared to handle all the tasks required to coordinate your ceremony within the flow of your entire wedding experience. Our services include:

  • A fully personalized unique ceremony. Using our tried and true process for understanding the elements of your life and your relationship, as well as in person conversation, emails and phone calls, we craft a ceremony that features your love story, and is inspired by you.  Ceremony length is usually 20-23 minutes total in time, and will complete from start to finish with your procession and recession in no longer than 30 minutes total (on average, if you desire more readings, music or other options, we will work with you to fit everything in within your desired parameters)
  • Research, reference, options or advice on rituals, readings, musical selections, procession order, family seating, cultural standards and more. Our expertise, experience and reference library are at your disposal.
  • Unlimited access by phone or email while we craft your ceremony.
  • You will receive a draft of your ceremony about 2 weeks in advance of your wedding (when possible). You own this ceremony and we will make any updates and alterations if needed to ensure that you are 100% happy with your ceremony.
  • Organization of all the details, requirements, props and written schedule for your ceremony.
  • Organization and leadership for your wedding rehearsal, including waiting time, printed copies of the order for the wedding party and any details needed to ensure your ceremony starts and ends perfectly
  • On the day of your wedding we will arrival well in advance of your wedding ceremony
  • Coordination and printed Cue sheets for all ceremony participants and vendors: from large font copies of readings, to musical cue sheets and coordination, to consultation with the venue host, we come with a check list in hand so you won’t have to worry about a thing.  We will review the cue sheets with your musicians/DJ and will give a briefing on the ceremony to photographers and videographers when available.
  • Ceremony assistants are provided for larger wedding parties, or for ceremonies that are complex in overall delivery
  • Available to meet or consult with your venue planner, Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, musicians, DJ’s are any other wedding vendor, if needed.
  • We will stay up to 30 minutes after the ceremony if you desire to have photo’s taken or to assist with post ceremony needs.
  • Timely filing of your marriage license, a scanned copy of the pre-filed license is available immediately if needed for honeymoon bonus packages
  • Backup officiant aware of your ceremony, venue details, and scripts available on call in the event of an unprecedented emergency
  • The price of this package is based on the complexity of your service, the location, distance and travel time to your ceremony, and the need, place and time of your rehearsal. In general this package ranges from $500 to $900 throughout central Connecticut. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and don’t let price be the only factor you consider in making the decision about who will marry you. Lets get together and grab a cup of coffee, and we can get to know each other. If we decide we are a good fit, I will ensure that you have a written all inclusive quote before we are done talking. I remain available by email and phone to answer any questions. Initial consultations are easy going, pleasant, no pressure, friendly, warm hassle free and complimentary.

Standard (Pre-Scripted) Wedding Ceremony

On a limited basis throughout the year, we offer a standard wedding service. You can choose between a secular or non-secular wedding script.  You can supply your own vows, or use the contemporary standards in our script. You can include a sand ceremony or unity candle lighting using our pre-written scripts. Ceremony run time is about 10-12 minutes.  We will lead or participate in your rehearsal if needed, and will arrive in advance of the ceremony, ready to perform your service in a warm, professional and joyful manner. While this service does not include script customization, we are happy to include readings that you have already chosen. We will depart shortly after the service and file your marriage license in a timely manner. The Standard Wedding Service ranges from $225-$500. The cost of a Standard Wedding Ceremony is based on location, distance and time to your venue and your need or desire to have us at your rehearsal, or not.

If you want to make alterations to the script, have cue sheets for readers and vendors, need help organizing the wedding party and participants in non traditional venues or locations, or if you want a service that is personalized and uniquely written just for you, we invite you to review our Custom Wedding Package.

Hi, We’re Eloping!

We know that destination weddings can include the need for you to manage the details and stress of travel. We offer our Custom Wedding and Standard Wedding Packages to everyone, no matter where you live. We have custom designed and created wedding ceremonies for couples from out of state, across and even out of the country. Skpe, phone and emails all work perfectly well to create a ceremony that is beyond your wildest dreams. However, if you are having a larger celebration at a different time, or if the details of your travel leave you little energy for more, we offer a standard ceremony (secular or non-secular) that is short and sweet, lasting about 7 minutes. We are happy to consult with you by phone and to offer references to local, well screened vendors if needed. We will file your marriage license in a timely manner. We cannot secure copies of your marriage license, so be sure to ask about requesting copies when you apply for your marriage license. We offer this package for weddings with less than 10 people in attendance. Please contact us for price and availability.

Initial consultations are always complimentary

We love coffee– hot in the winter, iced in the summer. Even more than coffee, we love to meet couples who are in the process of planning one of the most meaningful days of their lives. It’s a great way to fully understand the kind of care and assistance you are looking for, and for you to get to know your Officiant. Before we finish a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of lemonade, you will have a written quote and sample contract in your hands and a wealth of information to help you make the best possible decision. These meetings are friendly, warm, informative and hassle free. No high pressure sales techniques.. just us and and a few cups of coffee-

To schedule some time to talk about the wedding of your dreams, you can email us at Elisa@Tapestryceremonies.com or give Elisa a call at 860-680-8904. All messages will be returned promptly. Feel free to visit our contact page to submit your request right here.

Thank you so very much for all of your help. You gave us the opportunity to have the wedding we wanted that raised the stakes to where they needed to be. You provided the route from anxiety to demonstration of affection. We cannot demonstrate enough gratitude.

Lindsey and Kim

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