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A Certified Life-Cyle Celebrant is a wedding professional that is educated and trained in the creation and management of Wedding Ceremonies. We specialize in creating completely unique, customized wedding ceremonies.

I love what I do and am passionate about empowering people to have a ceremony that is as important as all the other parts of your wedding. I am committed to showing you how you can create a ceremony like no other, and have it speak to you, to your partner, and to your friends and family in a way that is meaningful, heartfelt, and true. Your wedding ceremony is a gift you give to one another and a rare opportunity to share one of the most important moments of your life with the people closest to you. You are welcome to check out some of the wonderful couples I have worked with right here.

We start with your love story

Maybe you know exactly what you want from your ceremony, or maybe you are only sure of what you don’t want. The best place to start is with the journey and the paths that brought you to this moment. You may be interfaith or secular, spiritual, humanist, atheist or agnostic, unaffiliated or simply far from your home place of worship, your compass in our guide and your story is our starting point. My goal is to understand you and create the kind of ceremony you need to have a wedding like no other.

I follow a time tested, tried and true methodology, but I am not afraid to deviate or adjust when needed

We work together to craft your ceremony. It’s my job and responsibility to make this process relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable. Some clients have said that the creation process was meaningful and valuable and they have asked to repeat it again to renew their vows. I have a couple different methods to help me understand your vision, idea’s, experiences, needs, backgrounds, similarities, differences.. to get a glimpse into what makes you tick as individuals and what reaches out and binds your hearts one to the the other.

I use all of the information you are willing to provide me and I craft a ceremony draft. During this time I may provide insight, input, research or assistance into readings, rituals, elements, musical selections, procession, family seating, wedding party line up, or anything else you need or desire. We communicate by phone or email until your draft is complete. Generally your ceremony draft will be in your hands about 2 weeks in advance of your ceremony.

It’s not done until you are totally satisfied

You own your ceremony, you make any additions, changes or deletions if needed and your approve every word.

It’s all about you

Custom ceremonies start with a clean slate. I bring no personal agenda, religious requirements or preconceived scripts to this process. I bring an open mind, a writer and a poets skill, and years of ceremony education and experience to craft one of a kind ceremonies that people have called amazing, inspirational, heartfelt, and unforgettable.

Thank you so very much for all of your help. You gave us the opportunity to have the wedding we wanted that raised the stakes to where they needed to be. You provided the route from anxiety to demonstration of affection. We cannot demonstrate enough gratitude.

Lindsey and Kim

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A Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant is a ceremony and ritual expert who are trained in the art of story telling.

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