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You’re selecting a Celebrant or Officiant for your wedding, it’s an important part of the planning. Determining where and who will marry you is pivotal to your commitment and to your once in a lifetime event. After all, we know that the emotional experience and the warmth of your wedding reception is highly influenced by the depth and the expression of love and joy in your wedding ceremony. We want to lead you to a ceremony experience that is heartfelt, breathtaking and unforgettable.

Elisa Chase, founder and creator of Tapestry Ceremonies.
I am a certified Life Cycle Celebrant® with diplomas in Weddings, funerals, families and general ceremony from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute where I am now a member of the faculty. I love weddings, and the creative process of writing and crafting them. I know how to weave a story into the structure of a good ceremony, and I also know all the variations that can be used within the context of a wedding. As a professional project and event manager, I also know that there are details and preparation that you can trust me to attend to, like your desire for processional order, cue sheets for musicians, help for your wedding party, copies of text for readers, and coordination with other planners and vendors. You are in good hands with me from the first time we speak right up until you recess to begin your reception.

The tapestry of my life includes being a parent, a partner and a wife, an ally, a daughter, sister, an aunt, and a friend. I have also been an event planner, a Project and Program Manager, and a business owner.  I am an ordained Non-Denominational Minister.  While most of my life has been here in Connecticut, I have traveled to many places and lived across the United States. I am a published poet. The threads in my tapestry include a background in creative writing, theater and theater production, dance, and the martial arts. I am a lover of music, the written word, horses, greyhounds and gardens.

Elisa-ChaseI come to this work with no religious or spiritual agenda.  I respect all faiths, and all perspectives equally.  Part of my job is to honor your philosophy, or culture, spiritual outlook or life philosophy so that your ceremony reflects your unique point of view.

I strongly believe in empowering couples and individuals to create a ceremony that is uniquely theirs, even when that means going out on a bit of an emotional limb. I have seen the results many times, and I am confident when I say that when you have the strength to speak with candor and vulnerability, you inspire greatness in yourselves and in those who witness your commitment. The results are amazing and long lived. You don’t have to be bold, though I tend to be, you don’t have to be outrageous unless you are so inclined. We will work together to tell your truth, in your own unique way and the results will wash over you like cool water in the heavy summer, or like the warmth of a fire in the depth of winter. I can tell your story, in ways you may not have imagined, and yet in ways that make you feel organically comfortable.

Of all the things people say about me, it is a universal given that I am one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. Let me show you exactly what I mean when I say you can have a ceremony that surpasses anything you have ever seen, and is a meaningful as all the other ways you have worked to create YOUR wedding experience. Your ceremony should say as much about you as your reception, your photo’s and videos, your venue, music, entertainment, flowers, photo booth, dessert table combined. See why it’s true that the greatest way to have a joyful reception that no one will ever forget is to start your day with a ceremony like no one could have expected.

About Greg

Greg is an ordained Non-Denominational Minister and wedding officiant. He joined Tapestry Ceremonies in 2012. Greg is warm and approachable, and makes everyone feel comfortable. He speaks English and Spanish, and offers his services for short and sweet standard ceremonies.

He also partners with Elisa and can officiant for your uniquely composed ceremony. With this option you get to work with both partners, Elisa and Greg will meet you GAH head shot (2)and

will work as a team, as Elisa’s composes your ceremony, and Greg takes over to manage your rehearsal and wedding day needs, will officiate for the service and file your marriage license.

Greg loves chocolate, coffee, hockey and fine cooking. He is a dedicated Father, a loving son and is looking forward to getting his private pilots license (some day). He studied Architecture at NYIT and is an avid photographer.

Our Guiding Principles

Tapestry Ceremonies is founded on the belief that ceremony offers each and every one of us a chance to connect in a meaningful way, to ourselves on a deeper level, but also to our community. Ceremony and ritual provide an opportunity to share the strength of our joy and bear the weight of our sorrow, and in doing so create the ties that bind all of us in good times and in bad. We believe strong communities are the foundation for a loving and peaceful society. We believe in equality, acceptance, kindness, animal rights, human rights and the universal brother and sisterhood of mankind. We believe the beauty and strength of the tapestry lies in the unique blending of each individual strand. We routinely donate to Love Makes a Family, The Central Connecticut Food Bank, and various animal rescue organizations. We will donate to a charity of your choice by request.

Elisa-Bob and I are still feeling so much joy and happiness, even weeks after your amazing wedding ceremony. It was perfect. Your ability to connect with us, with our friends and especially with everyone made our wedding the best day of our lives and our ceremony the best moments of our day. We will remember you always.

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